à la Red Velvet Cake with strawberry yogurt


2 x red sponge cake base
1000 g 30% whipping cream
1000 g mascarpone
1000 g Lauretta strawberry yogurt filling
200 g Lauretta strawberry 50% filling
40 g gelatin
200 g boiling water



Even out the red bases and rub the trimmings in your hands to create crumbs.
Pour 200 g of boiling water over 40g of gelatin, mix well. Whip 1000 g of whipping cream and 1000 g of mascarpone until fluffy, then add 1000 g of Lauretta strawberry yogurt filling and 200 g of Lauretta strawberry 50% filling, beat it for 2-3 minutes. Finally, mix in the gelatin.
Divide the mixture into two equal parts. Spread the first part onto the base with a rim, cover it with a red base, then spread the second part of the mixture, and finally, sprinkle everything with red crumbs.

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