Blackcurrant cake



1.5 kg shortbread dough (ready to bake, but not yet baked)
1.2 kg filling Lauretta blackcurrant 50%
1.6 kg chocolate dough (1.6 kg of ready to bake dough)


2 l cream (30%)
1 kg filling Lauretta blackcurrant 50%
100 g sugar
40 g gelatine
350 ml water
Cristalli decorative gel



Roll the shortbread dough into a rimmed baking tin (60 x 40 cm). Evenly spread on the filling Lauretta blackcurrant 50% and cover with the chocolate dough.

Bake at 180-190°C for about 20-30 minutes.

When baked and cooled, place the cake in a clean rimmed baking tin. Whisk the cream with the sugar and thoroughly mix with the filling Lauretta blackcurrant 50%. Blend the mixture with the previously prepared gelatine and pour onto the baked cake.

Finish with neutral Cristalli decorative gel.

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