Tartlets with vanilla-flavoured cream


  • ready-made tartlet shells
  • 100 g cream (30 or 36%)
  • 50 g plant-based cream
  • 50 g vanilla-flavoured filling Lauretta
  • decorative gel Cristalli



Whip both types of cream and add the Lauretta vanilla-flavoured filling. Mix the ingredients together. Fill the tartlet shells with the filling and decorate as you see fit. Secure the fruit on top with hot glaze Cristalli.

You can also use this cream to fill treats such as eclairs, cream puffs or doughnuts.
Lauretta filling is thermally stable, which means that you can freeze the creams that are made with it.

This cream may be prepared using any type of Lauretta cream filling. You can also try coconut, cream or champagne-flavoured product.

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