Cottage cheese doughnut with strawberry whipped cream


cottage cheese doughnuts
30% cream
Lauretta strawberry 50% filling
icing sugar
raspberry juice
sprinkles or other toppings, as desired



Prepare cottage cheese doughnuts from a preferred recipe.
Whip the cold cream, add Lauretta strawberry 50% filling and combine quickly (example proportions: 3 teaspoons of Lauretta with 200 ml of 30% cream).
Prepare the icing: combine icing sugar with raspberry juice until smooth (example proportions: a teaspoon of raspberry juice and 4 tablespoons of icing sugar).
Cut the cheese doughnuts lengthwise. Spread some cream over one half of the cottage cheese doughnut and cover with the other half. Ice the top and decorate with colourful sprinkles.

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