Tasty thermostable fillings
fruit and cream
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We are looking for distributors

Our company has a network of distributors and representatives in many countries around the world. We are constantly looking for partners abroad. We are open to cooperation under conditions tailored to the specifics of the company and the country in which it operates.

If you become one of our distributors, you can enjoy many benefits of working with us:

  • we are an established company;
  • we are a flexible and efficient small family business;
  • we offer high-quality, reliable products;
  • extra product samples for your clients;
  • packaging featuring colorful and professional design;
  • marketing support: marketing materials, website provided in your language, gifts with a logo for clients (pens, t-shirts, confectionery accessories, etc.), industry trade fairs, etc.;
  • marketing campaigns on the Internet and in professional magazines;
  • low minimum order value.

Send us an email and we will provide you with a list of products and all necessary information: export@kandy.pl

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