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How to use a jelly sprayer

How to use a jelly sprayer

Once heated and applied to a product, the Cristalli hot glaze forms a nice, firm jelly on the surface. It makes your cakes or pastry shine, appealing to the customers’ tastes.

Cristalli ensures your products taste delicious and look visually attractive. It is an old saying that customers buy with their eyes.

Aside from decoration, this gel also protects cakes and pastries. It prevents pastries and fresh fruit from drying out and blocks microbiological hazards.


  • Turn on your jelly sprayer, so it heats up
  • Insert or connect the jelly sprayer hose to the gel container
  • Apply the gel to the products by pressing the jelly sprayer trigger

Note: If your sprayer has its own gel tank, pour the gel from its box into the tank.

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