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Mirror glaze Ascanio (cold glaze)



Mirror glaze Ascanio after applying onto product makes on top a transparent film that will make your product shine and protect pastry and fresh fruits on top.

  • Ready to use - you don't have to heat it nor add anything, just put it onto the product or dip fresh fruit in it
  • Makes product shine and protects
  • Perfect for tarts, cakes and wafer discs
  • Spreads well
  • Does not trail while cutting
  • Good for mixing with colourants, flavours and fruits.
  • Perfect to mix with fruit fillings with pieces Lauretta.


  • neutral
  • chocolate
  • caramel
  • strawberry
  • orange

Packaging: plastic pails 6 kg. Available also as Private Label.

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ISO PL-EN 22000:2006
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