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Puff pastry

Lauretta fillings work great with puff pastry products

Puff pastry confections are one of the most popular sweet snacks and a staple of the range in many pastry shops. They may be sold as is but they are most often bought with tasty filling. Such fillings need to withstand baking for several minutes, sometimes even for half an hour, at a temperature of over 200°C. Thanks to its texture and low water activity, Lauretta works perfectly in such conditions.

More and more often, puff pastry is deep-frozen and baked on-site: in hotels, restaurants, shops and gas stations. Lauretta can be baked in a ready-to-use product, as well as deep-frozen using the process called flash freezing and then baked. No matter if the filling is inside or on top of the pastry, it will keep its perfect texture, taste and aroma. It won't deform at any stage: baking, freezing or baking.

Our recommendations for using puff pastry and Lauretta fillings:

Croissants with chocolate-flavored filling


Puff pastry rolls


Puff pastry squares with peach 35% filling


Puff pastry squares with lemon-flavored filling


Puff pastry cones


Rolls with filling


Cream rolls



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