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Cristalli Hot Glaze (decorative gel)



Hot glaze Cristalli after heating and applying onto product makes on top a nice, firm jelly. It will make your product shine, increasing sales. Additionally it protects pastry and fresh fruits on top.

  • Easy to use - just heat it to 85-95°C and put it onto the product
  • Versatile - for spraying machines and hand use
  • Makes product shine - gives an attractive appearance
  • Protects top of product - prolongs shelf life
  • Does not stick
  • Competitive price!
  • Flavour: neutral and apricot

Packaging: plastic pails 12kg or Bag in Box (BIB) 10kg. Available also as Private Label.

We also offer gels in concentrated form, reducing the cost even more.

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ISO PL-EN 22000:2006
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