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Pumpkin heart tartlet


10 heart-shaped vanilla tartlets
500 g Lauretta 50% pumpkin filling
300 g mascarpone
200 g roasted pumpkin seeds
fresh fruit and chocolate decorations
Cristalli decorating gel


Our procucts used in this recipe:


In a mixer combine 300 g of Lauretta pumpkin 50% filling with 300 g of mascarpone. Put the uniform mixture into the pastry bag and spray 3 smooth rosettes in each tartlet. Put the remaining 200 g of filling into a second pastry bag and spray teardrops near the rosettes.
Decorate the top with fresh fruit, for example blueberries. Secure the whole with Cristalli decorative gel. Sprinkle the tartlet with roasted pumpkin seeds and add, for example, a chocolate pencil.

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