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Single serving rose


10 pcs

300 g white chocolate
200 ml 3.2% milk
12 g 180 Bloom gelatin
40 g cold water
650 g whipping cream (30%)
100 g Lauretta cappuccino flavored filling
100 g crunchy chocolate praline
100 g Lauretta 60% raspberry filling
mirror Ascanio glaze with neutral flavor
spray suede


Our procucts used in this recipe:


Put the chocolate and Lauretta filling with cappuccino flavor into one bowl and set aside. Pour water over the gelatin and wait for it to set. Whisk egg yolks in milk and heat over low heat until swollen. Pour the thick cream over the cappuccino-flavored Lauretta filled chocolate, add the gelatin and mix all the ingredients.
Whip the 30% cream 3/4 until it becomes thick but not stiff on medium speed of the mixer. Combine with the chocolate mixture. Pour halfway up the rose-shaped molds. Place a chocolate praline in each serving and cover with Lauretta raspberry 60% filling. Pour the rest of the mixture over the molds.
Freeze the single servings for at least 24 hours at -0.4°F (-18°C) or -4°F (-20°C).
After removing from molds, use spray suede. Put the mirror Ascanio glaze into a pastry bag and decorate the rose by squeezing drops of glaze on top.

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