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Pineapple pie Paradise Beach


A recipe for 1 baking tray 40 x 60 cm

Fluffy foam

1 light sponge cake of medium thickness
1000 g Lauretta pineapple filling 35% 
750 g vanilla quark
2000 g 30% cream
250 g crystal sugar
50 g vanillin sugar
50 g gelatin - soak the gelatin
300 g water

Pineapple jelly

1300 g Lauretta pineapple filling 35% 
400 g water
30 g gelatin - soak the gelatin
100g water
100g powdered sugar


Start with the fluffy foam. Whip the cream, add the crystal and vanillin sugar. Mix the Lauretta pineapple filling 35% with vanilla quark, add whipped cream and mix everything until smooth. In the meantime, heat up the gelatin and then pour it into the cream and pineapple mixture. Mix until smooth.

Pour the ready foam onto the edge of the sponge cake, spread it and put it into the fridge for 10 minutes.

Preparing pineapple jellies: mix the pineapple filling with water, heated gelatin and powdered sugar. Pour everything onto the chilled foam.

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