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Cherry and lime cake


1 x chocolate cake layer (24 cm diameter, 3 cm high)
50 g sugar
500 g 30% cream 
500 g Lauretta sour cherry filling 50%

Whisk the cream with the sugar and blend with Lauretta sour cherry filling 50%.

250 g Lauretta sour cherry filling 50%
400 g 30% cream
400 g Lauretta Lemon Twist filling

Whip the cream and mix it with the Lemon Twist filling.


Our procucts used in this recipe:


Cut the chocolate cake lengthwise into two parts: 1/3 for the bottom and 2/3 for the middle of the cake. Pipe around the cake with cherry frosting and Lauretta 50% cherry filling alternately. Cover with the thicker part of the chocolate cake and spread over the rest of the cherry frosting (~2 mm layer). Fill the rest of the cake with cream and Lauretta Lemon Twist to the height of the ring. Decorate as desired.

To make the cake firmer you can add gelatine: 15 g gelatine and 80 ml water for the whole cake.

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