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Cheesecake with Egg Liqueur


1 sponge cake of medium thickness
oreo-type cookies (about 32 pieces)

Sweet liqueur mix

0,3 kg Lauretta egg liqueur filling
0,2 kg boiled water
120 g spirits
50 g vanilla or vanilla sugar

Combine Lauretta sweet liqueur filling with boiled water, add vanilla or vanilla sugar and the spirits.
Combine the mixture with the cheese filling.

Cheese filling

0,5 kg mascarpone cheese
0,5 kg curd cheese
1 kg 30% heavy cream
0,1 kg powdered sugar
50 g gelatin

Beat the whipped cream and add both types of cheese. Dissolve the gelatin in water and heat it up. Combine with the sweet liqueur mix and add to the mixture of cheese and whipped cream.


0,5 kg boiling water
8 g instant coffee
50 g sugar
25 g spirits

Pour the instant coffee and sugar into boiling water. Once the mixture has cooled, add the spirits.


Our procucts used in this recipe:


Place the sponge cake (preferably chocolate or cocoa sponge cake) to the bottom of the tin (40x30) and moisten it.
Put half of the cheese-and-egg-liqueur filling on the sponge cake, then add the oreo-type cookies on top of that (you can use pieces of chocolate cake instead). Evenly spread the rest of the filling evenly and top it with e.g. chocolate topping.

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