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Crunchy-Crumble Halva Cake


Cocoa sponge cake

375g cocoa sponge cake mix
225g eggs
100ml water


200ml water
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp rum flavouring/spirit

Hazelnut crumble

500g roasted chopped hazelnuts

Halva mousse

1,500g full-fat cream (33% fat)
200g halva flavour ice cream paste
350g neutral stabiliser
100g spirit
200ml water


1 tsp cocoa powder
150g Ascanio mirror glaze


Our procucts used in this recipe:


Recipe for a 60 x 20cm baking sheet

Remove the top crust from the baked sponge cake and cut into two layers. Prepare the syrup and dip one of sponge layers to make the base layer. Soften the roasted nuts in a water bath and spread over the base sponge. Prepare the halva mousse. Whip the cream and separately mix water, halva paste and stabiliser. Gently mix in the whipped cream. Spread 3/4 of the prepared mousse over the hazelnuts and cover with the remaining layer of the sponge cake. Soak the top layer with syrup and spread the remaining mousse over the top.

Garnish the top with cocoa powder, a task made easier by the use of a fine sieve. To add a bit of a twist, soften the Ascanio mirror glaze and spread over the cocoa garnish, dragging some small grooves into it.

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