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Orange cube with gingerbread mousse


Baking tray 60x40
3 white sponge cakes
20 g gingerbread spice
50 g gelatin
200 g Ascanio orange flavored mirror glaze
200 g pumpkin seeds
200 g boiling water
300 g water
300 g sugar
500 g Lauretta vanilla flavored filling
700 g punch
1000 g whipping cream
1000 g unsweetened vegetable cream
1500 g Lauretta orange flavored filling
orange slices


Our procucts used in this recipe:


Roast the pumpkin seeds with a pinch of salt in a frying pan until they become brown.
Pour 300 g sugar and 20 g gingerbread spice into 300 g water. Boil for about 15 minutes over a low heat. After it cools down, add 700 g punch to the gingerbread mixture, mix carefully and put aside.
Spread the Lauretta orange flavored filling on the white sponge cake.
Prepare the cream.
Whip the two kinds of cream. Mix 50 g gelatin in 200 g boiling water. Add the gelatin to the whipped cream on low speed and mix carefully. Divide the cream mixture into 2 equal parts. Add 500 g Lauretta vanilla flavored filling and 300 g gingerbread punch to one part. Spread this cream on the sponge cake with the orange flavored filling. Cover it with another white sponge cake soaked with the punch.
Mix the rest of the cream with 500 g Lauretta orange flavored filling. Put aside 200 g of the cream and spread the rest on the soaked sponge cake and cover it with the last sponge cake. Soak the top of the sponge cake with the punch and cover it with the cream that was put aside. Put the cake aside for 2 hours in the fridge.
Spread 200 g Ascanio orange flavored mirror glaze on the top of the chilled cake, sprinkle it evenly with roasted pumpkin seeds and decorate as desired, e.g. with fresh orange and chocolate lattice.

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